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In the recent period there have been a number of reports regarding electoral fraud and dishonest factionalism of some importance in regard to Brexit:



  • There are different responses among Leave campaigners to recent government Brexit proposals concerning whether Britain will remain subordinate to the decision making process of the European Court of Justice. Nigel Farage, Brexit Central and Lawyers 4 Britain are sceptical while longstanding Eurosceptics Bernard Jenkin MP and Peter Bone MP endorse government policy. For these viewpoints see:
Leaving the ECJ is vital, but the legal back doors must be closed too
Martin Howe QC - EFTA court slavishly follows ECJ judgements
Brexit: Top European judges to continue to influence Britain after EU exit
  • Jeremy Corbyn has ended his flirtation with eurosceptic ‘leave’ positions - which were it may be reasonably asserted, designed to ensure the working class Labour vote did not collapse entirely.  Labour’s Brexit spokesman Keir Starmer has announced that his party now has a ‘strong and united’ position to work to keep the country inside the EU single market and customs union during a transition period and possibly on a permanent basis. LabourLeave have denounced this dramatic shift stating: “Labour now has a strong and 'united' position against the biggest democratic mandate in British history.
  • As has been reported in the Folkestone press there is a critical shortage of doctors with a local surgery due to close in November without, to date, a replacement service. The shortage of doctors is a direct result of British Medical Association (BMA) policy on recruitment as reported in 2008. BMA meeting: Doctors vote to limit number of medical students. The link to this document was picked up from a thread on Andrew Neil’s twitter account where he questioned whether we should be proud of taking medical staff from some of the world's poorest countries, in contrast to a faction of NHS employees, ‘NHS Million’ who strongly support employing foreign medical staff.
  • Today as in the 1930s, real fascism comes from the Left by Norman Tebbit. Tebbit points out Oswald Mosley was a member of both the Conservative and Labour parties. He was also, like all Labour Prime Ministers and Harold Macmillan, a member of the Fabian Society.  Historians such as J.L. Talmon have long since argued ideologies which could be described as  ‘totalitarian’ - a word first used by Giovanni Gentile, the main theorist of Italian fascism - originate in the French Revolution. As Robespierre declared, Machiavelli was the ‘guiding spirit of the French Revolution.’ The motto of the Fabian Society is that of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

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  • In the Daily Mail on 1st April 2017 Peter Oborne claims the Tory party is headed for an ‘apocalyptic’ struggle between europhiles and eurosceptics regarding the terms of May’s Brexit final agreement. He reports that “a number of Conservatives are profoundly disappointed by last week’s statements from both Theresa May and her Brexit minister, David Davis… Many Conservatives are concerned that she means for Britain to stay in the EU in all but name. These fears have been inflamed by reports that her husband, Philip, a City figure whose views carry weight at home, is a passionate Remainer.” David Davis expects to pay up to £16 billion to access EU markets and May will make concessions on immigration in her final Brexit agreement with the EU. Almost certainly to this list of concessions will be added retention of the European Arrest Warrant. If this fast track, juryless procedure is retained it may turn out British citizens will become subject to the machinations of the planned EU Public Prosecutor’s Office.
  • Labour Leave has similar doubts concerning the future of Brexit, arguing that Keir Starmer’s demand that the UK must retain the ‘exact same benefits’ which derived from membership of the EU customs union and single market is unrealistic.
  • Meanwhile the Independent reported on 1st April 2017 that the arch Tory europhile MP Anna Soubry has declared that a ‘new, centre ground party could provide a functioning opposition to Theresa May’s hard Brexit.’ Tony Blair has expressed a similar view.